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Our Staff

We are dedicated to working with

children in the spirit of partnership and creative participation to give

consistent, reliable support to each child’s growth, development, and

curiosity for lifelong learning.

Rachael - Director


Rachael has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wheelock College, and both a Master of Education and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Education from the University of Massachusetts. She was hired as the Director in 2001. Rachael has over 45 years of experience in education, providing high quality care for a wide variety of clients in Washington, California, and Massachusetts

Abby - Infant/Toddler


Abby is a graduate of
 UMass Amherst, with a BA in Communications. She has been part of the Willow Blossom community since she was young, having graduated from our preschool in 2003. Abby enjoys setting up activities that stimulate brain development while also coaching them through the task at hand. 

Isabel - Infant/Toddler


Isabel has her degree as a Industrial Chemical Technician,  and is currently pursuing a degree in management and business development. She is Infant/Toddler Teacher Certified.

What she enjoys most is telling stories with the children and watching their faces as they use their imagination and react to the story. Isabel is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. She has experience as a volunteer at the Jones library in a program of bilingual story telling, reading to children in Spanish and English. She has been at Willow Blossom since the beginning of 2018.

Julia - Preschool


Julia has a background in early education, with an emphasis in the Montessori model. She loves creating activities for the kids that encourage independence, self confidence, and development! She has been at Willow Blossom Learning Center since Summer 2022. 

Anja -Preschool Teacher/
Office Manager


Anja has been a parent at Willow Blossom since 2021, and joined the staff in 2023. Anja has a background in management, music education, and private child care. She is currently continuing her education in Early Childhood. Anja splits her time between the classroom and the office. 

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